Best Wall Putty in India – Birla white, JK wall, EP Plus

Best Wall Putty in India – Are you looking for putty for your wall? Or you have built a house and have decided to apply putty on the wall before the paint? You must be aware that adding putty in the wall before paint will increase the life of the wall paint. Wall putty also reduces deterioration of the walls by making it flake resistant, water resistant and abrasion resistant.

So you have taken the right decision of applying putty on the wall before paint. But only making the right decision is not the solution, you also need to choose the right putty for your wall. There are many wall putty brands available in the market therefore for finding the right one you will need to do lots of research. Here in this article we have listed the Best Wall Putty in India you can prefer for you house or office wall.

Best Wall Putty in India

Asian Paints Wall Putty

Asian Paints is an Indian multinational paint company with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The company was founded in the year 1942 and is manufacturer and distributor of paints, wall coatings, wall putty, home decor items, bath fittings and other decor related services. In terms of wall putty the company has made its place in the list of Best wall putty brands in India.

Key features:-

# Smooth touch: This putty will give you mellifluous and smooth finishing on your rough plaster.

# Easy to apply: Its perfect texture will help you to apply easily without putting much effort.

# Water-resistant: This putty protects your wall from moisture, rich soil, and humidity.

# Excellent strength: This putty has excellent tensile adhesion strength not only that it also has contractible strength to curvature strength.

# Anti-algae: It prevents your wall from becoming a fungi wall.

The company is also famous for interior wall paints, wall textures, tile guard, floor guard, water proofing, wood paints, metal paints, etc. The company also provides services like interior design, sanitization, safe painting, home wood designs, house colour consultancy, etc.

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Birla White Wall Putty (Best waterproof wall putty in India)

Birla White is a unit of the famous cement brand UltraTech. Birla White started its production in the year 1988. The company is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of white cement, wall primer, wall putty, levelplast, re-paint putty and textura. The wall putty add strength, coating, coverage and water protection in the walls. Birla White would be one of the Best wall putty company in India.

The putty has water resistance feature which makes it more secure. Birla putty is based on white cement. Birla’s white wall putty’s whitest color make walls brightest which is one of the reasons for its popularity. This brand has crossed 46 billion dollars in revenue last year. The company comes in the list of Best waterproof wall putty in India.

Key features:-

# Prevent exfoliating: This putty strongly blends with the wall surface that’s why you will never experience exfoliating.

# Water-resistant: This putty protects your house from moisture. Also will thwart fungi from growing on your walls.

# Easy to paint: You can easily apply this to your wall. And the most attractive thing is this putty will reduce the consumption of paint.

# Glossy touch: This putty will give a glossy and smooth finish.

# Where to apply: You can apply it on the interior, exterior walls, and even for repainting walls.

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Best Wall Putty in India

JK Wall Putty

Its a unit of JK Cement which is India’s leading manufacturer of white cement, wall care putty, grey cement and gypsum plaster. This putty is known for its strength of perfectly covering up hard concrete plaster. This brand was created in 1918 by Lala Kamlapat Singhania. Most of the revenue of this company comes from northern India. This putty uniquely is made by JK white cement, high-quality polymers, mineral fillers and special chemicals. JK Wall Putty comes in the list of Top 5 wall putty brands in India.

Key features:-

# Takes less time to apply: Comparatively, this putty takes less time to apply.

# Water-resistant: Its unique composition of ingredients provides up to 20mm thickness, this thickness prevents moisture to enter the wall.

# Sparkling whiteness: This putty will provide sparkling whiteness to your wall. This sparkling whiteness will help you get the exact painted color and aesthetic view.

# High strength: This putty has a high strength that increases its durability.

# Leveling: This putty can level up hard concrete, undulation, and gallipot.

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The company is India’s leading construction manufacturing company which deals with plaster, mortar, tile adhesive, wall putty for interior and exterior walls. This brand has met all the quality to come under the top 5 list. Its fabulous features are the reason for its popularity.

Walplast is an Indian ISO 9001:2008 certified multinational brand. This brand was created in 2004 by Ashok Mehta and Kaushal Mehta. Walplast is also considered as one of the Best wall putty brands in India.

Key features:-

# Water-resistant: The main function of this putty is to protect your wall from moisture. And by preventing the growth of fungi its holds on to the long-life beauty of the wall.

# Color gradient: Its white color has a high gradient, that provides your paint a better reflection.

# Makes a strong bonding with the plaster: By applying this putty you will never experience flaking.

# Long paint life: This putty lasts for a long time.

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EP Plus Wall Putty

The next name in this list is EP Plus which is also considered as one of the Best waterproof wall putty in India. The apply process is very easy where you have to just mix it with water. EP Plus will give your wall a glossy and smooth finish. This wall putty has so many available colours from creamy white to golden brown. If you are looking for a budget friendly wall putty then you can go with this quality putty brand. The brand also comes in the list of Top 5 wall putty brands in India.

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